Prop 67’s Impact

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If you haven’t already been prompted to by the cashier at your grocery store to purchase reusable plastic bags, then you should already know about prop 67 winning in the November 8th election. Otherwise known as the Plastic Bag Ban Veto Referendum, Prop 67 prohibits grocery and other stores from providing customers single use plastic or paper carry out bags, but permits sale of recycle paper and reusable bags. Prop 67 has relatively small fiscal effects on state and local governments, including a minor increase in state administrative costs and possible minor local government savings from reduced litter and waste management costs.

The proposition passed on November 8th by a 52.8 percent popular vote. But will this proposition really have the impact that we need? Are plastics the culprit or is human behavior giving them a bad name? Although this is a good start, implementing well thought out solutions to lead to developing an infrastructure for the use, re-use and re-processing of synthetic materials, not just plastics, but steel, glass, concrete, and asphalt is where we need to be.


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