Shading (Double Layer)



Polysack double layer shadings are great options for playgrounds, swimming pools, large open areas, home-pergolas, garden balconies, decorative use in yard fencing, permanent and mobile shade structures. The net reduces temperatures by up to 8 degrees C and UV radiation by up to 95%, creating a pleasant climate.
To be installed with the reflective side facing upwards.
Flexible, light, strong and easy to spread.

Price Quote
Decorative Green White
ACP-Ind-701-Double-Decorative Green White-Ginegar
Decorative Green White DB Shade cloth

Decorative Blue White ACP-Ind-702-Double-Decorative Blue White-Ginegar Decorative Blue White DB Shade Net for decorative use in yard fencing

Aluminet DB Green ACP-Ind-703-Double-Aluminet_DB_green-Ginegar Aluminet DB green Shade Net creating a pleasant climate

Aluminet DB Blue  ACP-Ind-704-Double-Aluminet DB Blue-Gingar Aluminet DB blue Shade Net reduces temperatures

Aluminet DB Black ACP-Ind-705-Double Aluminet DB Black-Ginegar Aluminet DB black Shade Cloth suitble for playgrounds