Premium LLDPE Can Liners



Use the best possible raw materials and focus on the utility of the product rather than the mil thickness. These outperforms HDPE can liners and reduces overall costs by elimination of double bagging and/or cleaning after a bag failure.

  • A Dependable Tool – Made from the same premium LLDPE resin every time
  • Rigid specifications insure standard performance
  • Star Bottom Seal reduces leakage & improves performance
  • Premium LLDPE can liners offer the best value, excellent performance, and eliminates the need for double bagging
  • Convenient dispenser boxes at 3 friendly dispending systems:
    • Bulk Pack – pull one-at-a-time or pull a convenient bundle
    • Dispenser Core Pack (Bags on cores)– For the ultimate space efficiency
    • Convenient Coreless Bags– Bags on rolls
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Price Quote
ACP-PLECL17x17 17” x 17” Lt Wt LLDPE Clear, White, or

ACP-PLECL20x21 20” x 21” Lt Wt LLDPE 1,000

ACP-PLECL23x25 23” x 25” Lt Wt LLDPE 1,000 or 500

ACP-PLECL24x32 24” x 32” Lt Wt LLDPE 1,000 or 500

ACP-PLECL30x37 30” x 37” Lt Wt/ Med Wt/ Hvy Wt LLDPE 250

ACP-PLECL33x40 33” x 40” Lt Wt/ Med Wt/ Hvy Wt LLDPE 250

ACP-PLECL36x47 36” x 47” Hvy Wt LLDPE 250

ACP-PLECL36x58 36” x 58” Med Wt/ Hvy Wt LLDPE 200

ACP-PLECL38x58 38” x 58” Hvy Wt LLDPE 100

ACP-PLECL40x46 40” x 46” Med Wt/ Hvy Wt/ Xtra Hvy LLDPE 125 or 250

ACP-PLECL43x47 43” x 47” Hvy Wt  LLDPE 100

CUSTOM BAGS are available as well. From material, sizes, thickness, print, colored films, bulk packed flat bags to roll stock (with core or coreless), all can be customized. Seals can be flat, gusseted, or star. Just contact us and we will make it happen!