Mulch Films/ Ground Covers



Black Polypropylene Ground Cover Fabric

The tightly-woven Polypropylene Fabric is designed to prevent weed growth. The fabric is permeable to water, air and nutrients. Special U.V. inhibitors extend its outdoor life.

The fabric has stripes every 12″ for easy crop spacing. Use for landscaping, greenhouse aisles, under benches and containers. It is easy to install.

White Polypropylene Ground Cover, Line markers 12″ o.c.

The fabric has high ultraviolet resistance, natural-white ground cover reduces ‘black body’ effect of direct sunlight. Fabric can be used in Hydroponics growing for reflective applications.

Black Polypropylene Needle Punch Ground Cover, UV stabilized

The fabric has green line markers at 12″ o.c., and good water and air permeability. The fabric can also be used as Photo Period Curtain (blackout fabric).

Mulch More Series: Mulch More films are advanced multi-layer mulch films, produced to meet a wide range of specifications. Mulch More films are available in several types -from super- thin Polydak to Bi-color films, for use with specific crops and growing applications. These series of films are available either embossed (cast) or smooth (blown), in a wide range of thickness and widths.