Metallocene Ice Bags

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Our Metallocene Ice Bags are made from a production process that yields a special balance of properties that are ideal for ice bag and cold storage applications. These bags have high impact strength, low haze/high gloss and clarity and excellent durability. Bags meet FDA requirements for contact with food products.

• Metallocene Ice Bags are ideal for Ice Bag and cold storage applications

• Plain Ice Bag

• Excellent impact strength and durability

• Bags meet FDA requirements for contact with food product

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ACP-I9x18 9 x 18 1.2 LDPE/MET N/A Plain / Clear  1000

ACP-I11x20 11 x 20 1.2 LDPE/MET N/A 1000

ACP-I12x21 12 x 21 1.2 LDPE/MET N/A 1000

ACP-I13.5×28 13 ½ x 28 1.75 LDPE/MET N/A 500

ACP-I18x36 18 x 36 2.75 LDPE/MET N/A 250

ACP-I8x3x15 8 x 3 x 15 0.6 LDPE Side Gusset 1000

ACP-8x4x12-S 8 x 4 x 12 0.75 LDPE Side Gusset 1000

ACP-8x4x12-L 8 x 4 x 12 1.25 LDPE Side Gusset 1000

CUSTOM BAGS are available as well. From sizes, thickness, print, colored films, to vent, wicket, roll stock, and surface treatment, all can be customized. Just contact us and we will make it happen!