Greenhouse Covering & Nursery Film



Our plastic sheeting is made from puncture- and tear-resistant cloth. It features IR, anti-drip, UV block and light diffusion and can be sewn, grommeted or welded. Available in various options: 

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172g/sq. M Designed for all types of cultivation. Made from high quality coated woven poly to the highest standards. Extra-strength (3,500 lb/yd) makes it hail and tear resistant. Unique additives blocks harmful UV light and reduces the spread of fungal diseases (botrytis) and deters insects (aphids) from entering the greenhouse. Anti-drip prevents droplets from falling onto plants. Excellent diffusion improves light transmission and eliminates shadows. Infrared additives keep temperature higher during cold nights, and cooler during the daytime.

140g/sq. M Used for high tunnels, side walls and bottom layer in a double layer system. Tear-resistant and long-lasting coated woven poly. Lightweight, low cost option.

ACP-ALU-Thermal Screens Aluminet series are high quality metallized knitted screens. The tapes are manufactured with a special anti-oxidation and UV-resistant coating, giving the screen durability and longevity. The screen is knitted into a precise uniform texture. 
They moderates day/night temperatures, enabling microclimate control in greenhouses and nurseries. It provides uniform shadow, controls air movement and provides optimum diffused light transmission to the crops. Their heat curtain protects against frost radiation and saves energy in heated structures due to its high reflectivity.

ACP-ALU-Thermal Shade Nets

ACP-ALU-Energy Saving Screens

ACP-ALU-Darkening Screens

ACP-CHR-Silver ChromatiNet High-quality knitted shade cloth used in a broad variety of crops to exclude birds, to provide uniform shadow and to control air movement in greenhouses and nurseries. The tapes have UV resistant additives giving the net durability and longevity. The net is recyclable and resistant to agrochemicals.



ACP-OPT-Protection Nets A wide range of OptiNet and POLYSACK nets protect against damages caused by various factors: Windbreaks for individual and environmental installation. Hail protection nets for installation in inclined and vertical structures. Bird protection nets for installation in different structures and to be thrown above tree canopies. Insect protection nets for installation in net houses and on greenhouse envelops to keep out aphids, thrips and mites.

ACP-OPT-Anti Insects Nets

ACP-POL-Anti Hail Nets

ACP-POL-Wind Breakers