We offer a broad range of proven products, including mono-layer films, multi-layer barrier films, and a wide range of scrim-reinforced and textured films. Feel free to contact us to request individual prices and samples.

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ABSOLUTE BARRIER ACP-Ind-501-FilmsAbsoluteBarrier ABSOLUTE BARRIER® Series is a seven-layer extruded geomembrane consisting of virgin-grade polyethylene with an inner core of chemically resistant barrier resin, designed specifically as a barrier against radon, methane, and harmful VOCs (Gasoline, Benzene, etc.).  A robust stabilization package exceeds industry standards and provides long-term protection from thermal oxidation and ultraviolet degradation in exposed applications.  ABSOLUTE BARRIER® geomembranes are engineered for the superior containment of hazardous contaminants in gas, odor, liquid, and solid form.  

The ABSOLUTE BARRIER® Series includes:    

E-Series Multi-Layer EVOH Linear-Low-Density (LLDPE) Barrier | Anti-Skid Enhanced Grip Surface 25 Mil Thickness

Y-Series Multi-Layer EVOH Linear-Low-Density (LLDPE) Barrier | Smooth or Textured 30 and 40 Mil Thickness

X-Series Multi-Layer EVOH High-Density (HDPE) Barrier | Smooth or Textured 40 and 60 Mil Thickness

XB-Series Multi-Layer High-Density (HDPE) Textured Barrier Geomembrane | Formulated for Exposed Applications | 2-Side Textured 60 Mil Thickness

CONKURE ACP-Ind-502-FilmConkure CONKURE™ Wet Curing Blanket consists of a highly absorbent synthetic needle punched fabric coated with a white reflective film. Unlike burlap, it will not rot or mildew.  Conkure Blankets are lightweight and disposable making them an economical choice in concrete curing and yet are versatile and strong enough to be reused when cared for properly.  Conkure Wet Curing Blanket is a reflective blanket specifically designed to be hydrated and inhibit moisture loss during the curing process of concrete.  Conkure Wet Curing Blanket meets and exceeds AASHTO M-171 and ASTM C-171, “Standard Specification for Sheet Materials for Curing Concrete” for moisture retention and daylight reflection.

FEEDFRESH ACP-Ind-503-FilmFeedfresh
FEEDFRESH Silage Cover (1-Step Cover)

Reinforced Oxygen Barrier – EVOH

FeedFresh® multi-layer string-reinforced 7 mil black/white oxygen barrier offers two very important advantages; superior tear resistance and (OTR) oxygen barrier technology. FeedFresh® provides tremendous results through a 1-step cover solution with the lowest OTR on the market today of 0.98 CC/M²/DAY at 21% Oxygen Permeability (Ambient Air). FeedFresh® silage covers combine proven product technology and expertise to provide one of the toughest most durable covers in the industry. FeedFresh® is a multi-layer reinforced oxygen barrier (OTR) providing maximum protection and forage freshness. FeedFresh® silage covers can help Dairy and Cattle Producers increase their bottom line by maintaining high quality silage throughout the bunker. By improving palatability results and increasing consumption through a more consistent feed intake, cows can produce additional pounds of milk for dairy producers and

steer/heifer’s can increase gain-per-day for cattle producers. Reduce Spoilage and Increase Pro ts with FeedFresh®, the Industry Leader in EVOH Barrier Technology!

FeedFresh® (1-Step Cover) – String-Reinforced 7 mil Oxygen Barrier Silage Cover.

▪ Superior Tear and Puncture Resistance

▪ Lowest OTR on the market at 0.98 CC/M²/DAY

▪ 18-Month Outdoor Longevity

FEEDPRO-G ACP-Ind-504-FilmFeedproG 
Tri-Layer Polyethylene

FEEDPRO-G™ is a black/white tri-layer polyethylene film with UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers incorporated to protect against harsh weather conditions and ensure longevity. FeedPro-G™ is constructed with premium resins in the outer layers and the addition of recycled polyethylene in the core’ providing a green solution without sacrificing film performance. FEEDPRO-G™ offers high puncture and tear resistance, exceeding twice the tear resistance of the leading competitor’s cover to protect your feed investment and maximize your livestock production.

GRAINMAX ACP-Ind-505-FilmGrainMax
GRAINMAX Grain Covers (GM, GMP, GMU)

Diagonal Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene

GRAINMAX™ Grain Covers are produced with our patented DURA-SKRIM string reinforced material. Raven Industries, is a leading manufacturer of high-strength grain pile covers and produces one of the strongest, most reliable covers on the market today. Raven GrainMax has become the cover of choice among many of the storage facilities throughout the grain regions of the United States due to its superior features and wide range of large custom sizes. GrainMax covers are manufactured using layers of high-strength polyethylene and bonding layer(s) of molten polyethylene. Diagonal polyester scrim reinforcement is placed between these plies to greatly enhance tear resistance and increase service life. GrainMax Grain Covers are available in three product levels ranging from light-weight to heavy-weight durability.

GrainMax™ GM is a durable lightweight cover designed for short term cover applications with longevity expectations of up to 12 months.

GrainMax™ Pro GMP is our most popular cover and an excellent choice for a mid-term applications.

GrainMax™ Ultra GMU is our heaviest scrim reinforced grain cover designed with exceptional tear and puncture strengths to withstand more demanding conditions for up to 2 years of service.

All GrainMax covers are UV and thermally stabilized and contain a white outer surface to minimize heat buildup and condensation.

High-Density Woven Coated Polyethylene

Protector™ are woven coated fabrics made of oriented high-density polyethylene ribbons and outer layers of a resilient UV stabilized coating.  Protector™ reinforced polyethylene materials have an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio, resulting in superior tear resistance and ease of installation.