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We offer a broad range of proven products, including mono-layer films, multi-layer barrier films, and a wide range of scrim-reinforced and textured films. Feel free to contact us to request individual prices and samples.

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RUFCO Series ACP-Ind-301-Rufco High-Density Cross-Laminated | Multi-Layer Polyethylene

RUFCO® Series contains two types of high strength-to-weight ratio films, the first is a co-extruded film containing HDPE outer skins for excellent strength and chemical resistance along with a flexible inner core to easily conform to various surfaces. The outer black layer contains carbon black and the white side contains U.V. stabilizers for good outdoor longevity. The second film is produced by cross laminating two sheets of high density polyethylene, creating additional strength for optimum puncture and tear resistance. This unique process aligns the molecular structure of the high density polyethylene, which intensifies the sheet’s resilience lengthwise. By laminating these two layers of stretched film across the bias, the sheet has equal strength in all directions. Both films are produced with 100% virgin-grade resins to resist degradation.

RUFCO 10-Series ACP-Ind-302-Rufco 10 RUFCO 10-Series membranes consist of a blended linear polyethylene. Carbon black provides protection from UV rays. Puncture and tear strengths far exceed common C & A polyethylene films. RUFCO® 610B and 1010B provide the answer to applications requiring a low-cost sheeting with high puncture and tear strengths in a  light-weight film. These products have excellent elongation which make them readily mold-able around unusual shapes without failing.

RUFCO C-Series  ACP-Ind-303-Rufco C RUFCO Textured C36DT1 is a unique textured premium grade linear-low density polyethylene geomembranes. Thermal stabilizers provide long-term protection from thermal oxidation and ultraviolet degradation. RUFCO Textured C36DT1 is manufactured utilizing a cast extrusion process to achieve a consistent core thickness with uniform asperity heights. Our exclusive GeoGrip™ surface texturing consists of durable random spikes with bidirectional bars to provide uniform stabilization and an increased friction between various soil and geosynthetic layers allowing for steeper slope designs.

RUFCO E-Series  ACP-Ind-304-Rufco E Enhanced Grip Surface Multi-Layer Polyethylene

RUFCO® E-Series geomembranes consist of a multi-layer, linear low density polyethylene. Fine N110 carbon black and high performance stabilizers provide long-term protection from thermal oxidation and ultraviolet degradation. Rufco E Series is black on one side and gray on the other for added versatility. A combination of premium linear polyethylenes provide exceptional toughness, multi-axial elongation and impact resistance. A lightly textured surface provides enhanced grip for ease of installation and worker safety. Rufco E Series has the ability to conform to uneven surfaces and resist puncture through multi-axial elongation allowing it to be used in a wide variety of applications.