Films (HYDRAFLEX Series)



We offer a broad range of proven products, including mono-layer films, multi-layer barrier films, and a wide range of scrim-reinforced and textured films. Feel free to contact us to request individual prices and samples.

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HYDRAFLEX HD-Series ACP-Ind-201-Hydraflex HD HydraFlex™ HD-Series – Co-Extruded HDPE/LLDPE/HDPE

HD-Series (40-60 mil)—Premium three-layer co-extruded geomembranes with outer layers of high-density polyethylene and an inner core of flexible and conforming linear-low-density polyethylene. The outer layers have an outstanding balance of environmental stress crack resistance and toughness—while providing excellent chemical resistance to aqueous chemicals and solvents. HydraFlex™ is stabilized with carbon black, antioxidants, and UV stabilizers for long-term exposed applications. Applications include containment of water, process fluids, leachates, brine, and other liquids. HD-Series is preferred in the containment of incidental hazardous spills due to its chemical resistance and availability of prefabricated full-size containment pads.

HYDRAFLEX HT-Series ACP-Ind-202-Hydraflex-HT HydraFlex™ HT-Series – Economy LLDPE Textured

HT-Series (30-40 mil)—Co-extruded textured linear-low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembranes, containing carbon black and ultraviolet inhibitors. Available in black and gray/black color options with the gray side providing a cooler surface against contrasting colors and a vital function for ease of damage detection during installation. HT-Series Textured LLDPE provides increased friction, elongation and flexibility. HT-Series is used in applications demanding increased friction resistance, high elongation and flexibility characteristics.

HYDRAFLEX PRO HP-Series ACP-Ind-203-Hydraflex ProHP  HydraFlex™ PRO HP-Series – Very Flexible LLDPE

HP-Series (20-40 mil)—Premium-grade polyethylene liners designed with enhanced flexibility, and pinhole resistance as demonstrated by its low modulus characteristics. These properties are critical for applications requiring exceptional flexibility and high impact strength such as above ground tank lining systems. The optional gray top-layer minimizes thermal expansion and maintains a cooler surface. HP-Series has 48% higher tensile strength and 33% higher puncture resistance than common unsupported geomembranes. HydraFlex™ Pro has an estimated longevity of 15 years with the gray surface exposed.

HYDRAFLEX ULTRA HU-Series  ACP-Ind-204-Hydraflex Ultra HU HydraFlex™ ULTRA HU-Series – Very Flexible LLDPE – Meets GRI-GM17

HU-Series (20-40 mil)—Premium LLDPE geomembranes designed for applications requiring excellent outdoor longevity, chemical resistance and exceptional durability, even in cold weather environments.  Virgin-grade high strength LLDPE provides 36% greater tensile and 37% higher puncture resistance than required by GRI-GM17.  HU-Series meets or exceeds GRI-GM17 Standard Specifications for (LLDPE) geomembranes, and performs well in water and waste water applications for commercial and municipal projects.  HU-Series is highly flexible and conforms easily to uneven surfaces and is engineered to be used in more critical applications including the fish-safe requirements for aquaculture.

HYDRAFLEX fPP-Series ACP-Ind-205-Hydraflex fPP  fPP-Series (40 mil)—Exceptionally flexible geomembranes achieved by incorporating high levels of ethylene propylene rubber into polypropylene. HydraFlex™ polypropylene provides outstanding resistance to environmental stress cracking even at elevated temperatures in addition to aggressive chemical environments. HydraFlex fPP will remain flexible and conforming to challenging terrains without stress cracking problems often seen with common HDPE membranes. HydraFlex™ flexible polypropylene does not contain plasticizers that can migrate to the surface, causing premature aging.

 HYDRAFLEX fPP-Series ACP-Ind-206-Hydraflex VF   VF-Series (30 mil)—Prime very-low-density black polyethylene (VLDPE) to provide extremely high elongation, tear resistance, and bursting strength. HydraFlex™ VF-Series will remain flexible and conforming for challenging angles and terrains without stress cracking problems as often seen with high-density membranes. A minimum fine carbon black content of 2.0% provides excellent protection from UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Manufactured from virgin resins, HydraFlex™ VF-Series does not contain plasticizers that can migrate to the surface, causing premature aging.