Films (DURA-SKRIM Series)



We offer a broad range of proven products, including mono-layer films, multi-layer barrier films, and a wide range of scrim-reinforced and textured films. Feel free to contact us to request individual prices and samples.

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DURA-SKRIM J Series   ACP-Ind-101-Duran J DDURA-SKRIM® J-Series geomembranes consist of linear-low density polyethylene reinforced with a tri-directional scrim encapsulated high strength polyester reinforcement. In addition to excellent dimensional stability, the tri-directional reinforcement provides exceptional tear and tensile strength. Dura-Skrim J-Series membranes are formulated with thermal and UV stabilizers to assure a long service life. Custom colors are available based on minimum volume requirements.

DURA-SKRIM K Series ACP-Ind-102-Duran K Cross-Directional Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene (Smooth or Textured)

DURA-SKRIM® K Series geomembranes consist of linear low density polyethylene reinforced with dense cross-directional scrim reinforcement.  In addition to excellent dimensional stability the K-Series reinforcement provides unmatched tear and puncture strength.  Dura-Skrim K-Series membranes are formulated with thermal and UV stabilizers to assure a long service life.  Dura-Skrim K Series are available with a smooth or textured surface.  Textured K-Series combines both the exceptional performance characteristics of smooth K-Series with Raven’s exclusive GeoGrip™ surface texture consisting of durable random spikes and bidirectional bars for uniform stabilization and support.  Large diameter mill rolls are available to assure an efficient seaming process.  Factory welded panels are accordion folded and tightly rolled on a heavy-duty core for ease of handling and time saving installation.  Dura-Skrim K-Series is certified under the NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects.

DURA-SKRIM KQ Series ACP-Ind-103-Duran KQ  Cross-Directional Scrim Reinforced Polypropylene

DURA-SKRIM® KQ Series geomembranes consist of reinforced flexible polypropylene.  Exceptional physical properties are achieved by incorporating high levels of ethylene propylene rubber into polypropylene with dense scrim reinforcement for excellent dimensional stability and puncture resistance.  In addition the heavy duty cross-directional reinforcement provides unmatched tear and tensile strengths.  Dura-Skrim KQ Series polypropylene membranes do not contain plasticizers that can leach out and hinder long-term flexibility and performance.  Dura-Skrim KQ Series provides outstanding resistance to environmental stress cracking even in elevated temperatures and chemical environments.  Dura-Skrim KQ Series is certified under the NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects.

DURA-SKRIM R Series  ACP-Ind-104-Duran R Diagonal Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene

DURA-SKRIM® R Series products are manufactured using outer layers of high-strength polyethylene and bonding layer(s) of molten polyethylene.  Diagonal polyester scrim reinforcement is placed between these plies to greatly enhance tear resistance and increase service life. This results in a strong, light-weight construction that is excellent for use as a cover or liner in many conditions. The Dura-Skrim Series is manufactured in panels up to 90,000 square feet.  Thickness ranges from 6 mil up to 20 mil. 

DURA-SKRIM RB Series ACP-Ind-105-Duran RB  Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene Gas Barrier

DURA-SKRIM® RB20BBV incorporates high-strength reinforcement with the latest in barrier technology designed to provide an effective barrier to odor and gases. RB20BBV is manufactured with an outer ply consisting of seven-layers including an integrated core of a high performance polymer with enhanced barrier properties. This limits migration of volatile organic compounds including methane, halogenated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and odors. The barrier layer is 10 times more effective than standard polyethylene in gas and odor control, while providing the same great strength and toughness expected from patented DURA-SKRIM® fiber-reinforced membranes. Diagonal scrim reinforcement is placed between these plies to provide optimal tear resistance and increased service life.

DURA-SKRIM® RB20BBV is manufactured in large prefabricated panels to provide maximum coverage and reduce site installation time and cost (fabricated panels available up to 8,000 lbs).