Clear Boutique Merchandise Shopping Bags

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These clear bags are perfect for your boutique store, farmers’ market stand, festival booth or walkway kiosk. Your customers get an extra sense of pride in their purchase, and your products get seen being carried all around the shopping center or event.

•Strong handles and thick clear material insure the bag can hold some weight and won’t break

•Wide and soft handles make this bag comfortable to carry

•Ideal for carrying apples, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and other produce

•Bags are supple to the touch, not brittle, and are perfect for high quality items

•Great clarity makes the stuff inside stand out

•Extra wide side gussets and square bottom allow bag to stand up on its own

Our soft loop handle bags are made from a strong and economical co- extruded polypropylene material that won’t rip or tear and offers a high degree of leak protection. The deep side gusset and square bottom help the bags stand without tipping over, which helps reduce the chance of spilling, and also allows them to be filled quickly. The bags have an integrated loop handle for your customer’s convenience and easy portability.

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ACP-BM6.75X4.75X8.5 6 ¾ X 4 ¾ X 8 ½ + 4 ¾ BG 3.00  PPE CLEAR  50

CUSTOM BAGS are available as well. From sizes, thickness, print, colored films, to surface treatment, all can be customized. Just contact us and we will make it happen!