Bulk Bags



ACP aims to supply various bulk bags to meet the different needs in the market. Our Bulk Bags are great choices for moving and transporting miscellaneous, high-risk goods, heavy materials, loose materials…etc. Feel free to contact us if you have any custom bag request!  

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ACP-Standard Bulk Bags ACP-Ind-2001-Standard Bulk Bag-101GT Classic four-point bulk bag for miscellaneous use. The Standard Bags are suitable for transport of all kinds of standard and bulk materials with a content of up to 3 cubic meters.

ACP-Helicopter Bulk Bags ACP-Ind-2002-Helicopter Bulk Bag-101GT Widely used for moving and transporting by helicopters. Extra reinforcement for the loops to further strengthen the structure of the whole body and the bottom.

ACP-Japanese Bulk Bags ACP-Ind-2003-Japanese Bulk Bag-101GT Mostly used in Japan. Circular loops with 2 belts surrounded from the top to the bottom for being easy to be used on the forklift.

ACP-UN Bulk Bags shuan_shin_filter_cloth_co_ltd.PDF Used when transporting dangerous materials. UN Bag are designed in accordance with the “United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods”.

ACP-Anti Rust Bulk Bags ACP-Ind-2005-Anti-Rust Bulk Bag-101GT Adding the Anti-Rust to dissolve into the lamination materials when laminating to make the Anti-Rust sticking on the bag body. Can be loaded with iron materials, or any other metal materials which are easy to be rusty.

ACP-Qbags  ACP-Ind-2006-Q-Bag-101GT Q Bag are suitable for transporting loose materials and ensure perfect maintenance of almost rectangular shape. High stability during transport, stacking and storing.


 ACP-2 Tons Bulk Bags  ACP-Ind-2007-2TongsBag-101GT  Using the loop design to reinforce the frame of the body. The whole body is supported by the weight & strength of the yarns, controlled by extrusion skills. With seams on the body, every suture part needs to be sewn time and again to ensure the quality.