All Coast Packaging began as a dream of one man with a desire to provide his customers with Quality product, with great service and competitive pricing. In the Southern Californian market, many shortcomings in the packaging industry were being observed. Customers were complaining that they weren’t able to trust their packaging supplier. Deliveries were received late or arrived damaged and products were under-gauged, under sized or short counted. There was a void of suppliers who believed enough in the product and the service that price became a lower priority. All Coast Packaging was created to fill that void and to supply customers the type of packaging they were so desperately seeking; All Coast Packaging.

Our Philosophy:

When it comes to packaging products, customers seek Quality, Service and Price. We noticed that customers were able to get two out of the three. They received Quality and Service, but not Price; they received Service and Price, but no Quality; or they received Quality and Price, but no Service. We set out to change that theory. We decided we would make it our goal to provide all three, or if we couldn’t, we would at least actively work with the customers to provide the two they preferred.

With that thought in mind, we opened our doors in November of 1997. Customers immediately noticed the control they regained with their packaging needs, and our business volume reflected just that. In September of 2002, we opened our first office in Northern California and our philosophy was well received in that region as well.

When you want Quality Pricing and Service, you need All Coast Packaging.

What’s Ahead:

Our future plans are two fold. Primarily, we have a desire to go online to automate our supply chain. We will provide online order placement and shipping for our retail and industrial accounts. Next, it is our intention to open regional offices in strategic locations around the United States to more effectively supply national industrial accounts. Expect dramatic changes in the future.

Call or email us for a quote. You will immediately notice the All Coast Packaging difference.

Mission Statement:

To provide the highest quality industrial and retail packaging products to our customers in the timeliest manner. We strive to provide these products at competitive prices, with a commitment to customer satisfaction.